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See what clients are saying about the exceptional one-on-one care from Selma Umar, PT, DPT at Priority Care Physical Therapy in San Diego. Feel free to visit our Yelp page to see more reviews.



“I saw Dr. Selma for my shoulder pain from swimming freestyle. She was great! She assessed my mobility and immediately noted muscle imbalances that were affecting my shoulder. I am very thankful for her clear and easy to understand explanation of what I had to work on to get better. Dr. Selma prepared an easy to follow home program for me, which she updated from time to time as I got better. Throughout my treatment Dr. Selma was always available, even outside of my appointments. I'm back to swimming laps now that my shoulder fully recovered. She made me look at my shoulder in a totally new way! She also taught me how to avoid overworking my shoulder again and how to control my symptoms. I am so glad I found Dr. Selma!! I'll go back to her for any physical therapy I may need in the future!” - V. Meiser


“I sprained my ankle on a hike and went to see Dr. Selma. She got me back on my hikes in no time. I am thankful for her thorough exam and the effective exercises she gave me. I purchased one of her followup packages and have been doing monthly re-assessments to progress and prevent any future issues. Dr. Selma is a valuable resource!” – Tom


“Dr. Umar is honestly a God send. I threw my back out on a Wednesday coming home from for a 10-hour road trip and was in her office by Thursday evening! She took the time to assess my issues and give me the best treatment possible with additional stretches to do at home to help speed the recovery. She was there to answer questions and even checked on my well-being after the appointment. By Monday morning, I was back to my normal self! In the past when I have thrown my back out, it took almost two weeks to recover fully, so healing in under a week was fantastic since I live an active lifestyle and workout six times a week. I will continue to come to her for more work to prevent these injuries returning!” – Laura B.

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