Personalized & Effective Physical Therapy In San Diego


Priority Care Physical Therapy is a San Diego clinic that specializes in outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation. Run by Selma Umar, Doctor of Physical Therapy, the clinic’s focus is to provide each patient with high quality one-on-one care.

Selma utilizes hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat soft tissue and joint structures. She combines both manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises to find the cause of the problem and develop an individualized treatment plan aimed to bring immediate and long term symptom relief.

Working directly with the physical therapist for your entire plan of care will allow you to return to optimal level of function in the shortest amount of time. 

What We Treat

Orthopedic & Sports Injuries

Selma Umar, PT, DPT specializes in evaluating and treating patients with orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, and post-operative surgical care.

Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis

At Priority Care Physical Therapy, we’re experienced in treating osteoporosis and osteoarthritis to help reduce pain, increase strength, and improve flexibility.

Spinal Injuries

Selma Umar, Doctor of Physical Therapy has extensive knowledge on the spine and utilizes multiple techniques to treat conditions related to the spine.


One-On-One Care You Deserve

Before starting Priority Care Physical Therapy, Selma Umar worked as an Outpatient Orthopedic Physical Therapist and Clinic Director for 2.5 years in a high volume clinic. She ultimately decided to start Priority Care Physical Therapy in order to give her patients the one-on-one care she believes they should all receive.


Don’t Have Insurance? No Problem.

We accept most major insurance companies. However, if we’re out of your insurance network, or if you don't want to wait to navigate the insurance process, we can still serve you through our affordable cash rates.